Sunday, June 6th, 2010


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3 Brothers Testing School!

“Utah’s #1 Third-Party Testing School”

3 Brothers Testing School was established in the sole purpose to make sure new drivers are safe, ready for the road, and most importantly able to Enjoy the Journey to Getting a Driver License Easily and HEADACHE-FREE!

Why wait? Take Your Test Now! You Won’t Regret It! (to contact us, click here)

refer us to your friends and share the value of a fast, easy, and pain-freeTesting School!Utah’s #1 State Certified Third-Party Testing School Period!


  • Have you tried to schedule a time to take the road test at the DLD, but find that they are backed up?
  • Have you scheduled a time to take the Road Test with the DLD, but find yourself WAITING 1 Month, 2 Months, or even 3 Months!?
  • Do you need your road test NOW due to: A Job Requirement, Necessity, or you just don’t want to be driven by your parents or friends anymore?



  1. Our Price is affordable!
  2. Same-day Scheduling and a max of 2 days ahead.
  3. and If for some odd reason you cannot be tested by us, we will send you to someone who can! (no other testing school will do that)

We are here to make sure your Road to Getting your Driver License is Easy & Pain-FREE!

Even if it’s NOT with us!

NOTE: If you have scheduled your test with us, please arrive at least 10 minutes early and have your information ready.