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3 Brothers Testing School is Here to Change what you think about road tests.

We are Utah State Licensed & Certified under the DLD as a Third-Party Testing School to administer the official State Road Test to you without the wait. We follow the same rules, regulations and guidelines, but in a more relaxed environment. We get that it is not the DLD’s fault for being backed up, but we know YOU are still on the receiving end of that problem.


Due to the high-demand to take the State Road Test and the limited ability to test every single person at a manageable rate, the State of Utah devised a way to help ease the flow on the DLD year after year, while also helping the economy with business opportunities. Third-Party Road Testing has been around for quite a number of years.

The official State Road Test is able to be administered by third-party testing schools as if it were taken at the Driver License Division (DLD also known as the DMV) to help ease their side of things and still give you a quicker option.

  • What sets us Apart from the rest?

Wherever you take the test, it’ll be conducted with the exact same guidelines as the DLD. However, Here at 3 Brothers Testing, YOU come FIRST! You are not another number. You are a person who’ll be sharing the exact roads we drive on as well. Why wouldn’t we care about who we share the road with?!

We understand taking the final road test is both exciting for some and unnerving for others, so we make it our duty to do right by you, no matter the outcome.  We make sure that when you test with us, you understand what it is you’re being tested on, what driving skills you’re great at and what skills you need to gain or improve on. Failing is still possible, but we’ll take time to explain:

  • What actually caused you to fail
  • How it relates to being an issue on the road or to others
  • How to fix the issues in detail
  • Other issues that could pose potential problems in the future
  • Textbook vs Practicality in driving skills

Pass or Fail, we do our best to help you become the best driver you can possibly be.

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