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The Importance of a Seat Belt

The most important and simple thing that people don’t do is wear a seat belt!  Why? What is more important to you in order to NOT wear it? From my personal experience, I have been saved by my belt in 2 accidents and my first accident was horrible!

I was the only one wearing a seat belt when we collided and if I had not worn my seat belt, everyone in our car would have not been alive today.  It is amazing how many people don’t put it on.

I remember my father telling me about his fathers car.  “There was no such thing as seat belts, air-bags, or blinkers. We didn’t have driver’s ed or a DLD.  I just paid $2 and got my license.  I didn’t know what to think of them when they came out.”

In 1970, the state of Victoria, Australia, passed the first law worldwide making seat belt wearing compulsory for drivers and front-seat passengers.  It is crazy to think of how seat belts were invented and why?  But now today, they are required by law to be in every vehicle to pass safety inspections.

For those who don’t wear their seat belts, I have a few honest questions for you. Would you buy a car that had absolutely NO SEAT BELT IN IT? Would you ride in a car knowing in full that zero seat belts were in the car? If you have a child, sibling, someone dear to you drive a car with no seat belts, would you still let them drive that car? If your answer is no, Then why aren’t YOU PUTTING ON YOUR SEAT BELT? It is the same exact thing as having no safety belts. The worst thing that would happen is learning the HARD WAY.  Don’t be stupid, wear your seat belt.

This video is a true example of why we should wear our seat belt and how important it is to make it back to our loved ones every day.  From my perspective as a Driving Instructor and Road Tester,  It is a “no brainer” to wear a seat belt, because I have educated myself in the knowledge and teachings of Driver Education, Safety Habits, and Defensive Driving.  Not only that, I want to make sure I am alive to see my kids grow and have families of their own.  But for those of you who don’t have that knowledge, a seat belt is just part of a “cool looking car”.  Educate yourselves on seat belts, but most importantly…


Don't Drive Stupid. Wear a Seat Belt.

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