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What Questions Should You Ask About the Road Test & Why?

"Questions? uhh... I dunno..."

For those of you who have ever taken a driving test to get your driver license, and FAILED! I have a few questions I want to ask you.

  • have you ever wondered what you are actually tested on?
  • Did you think that a test was going around the block, watching the scenery and done?
  • Did you ever ask any questions regarding the test and what is required?
  • Did you know that a tester is not allowed to go into specific detail about what’s on the test unless you ask them?

Well here is something important that you need to know in order to PASS YOUR TEST WITH FLYING COLORS!


95% of students who fail the test their first time is due to being innocently ignorant about the test. I have seen student after student take a test and not know what they were tested on.  I understand the feeling.  When I went to take my Road Test for the first time, I was never told by my instructor or drivers ed teacher what I would be tested on!  Can you imagine how hard it would be to take a test and not know what the test was for!?  It is crazy to think that a person would come and put themselves through an unknown test just to waste their time, their effort, and their money! Luckily for me, My dad (who was an instructor at the time) had told me everything possible in the 5 minute drive to the DMV, so I passed with a 96%.  However, many of you don’t have that luxury.

Well like I said, we are here to change that! I am going to let you in on a little secret about the test…. are you ready?. . .

THERE IS NO SECRET! If there is even the slightest question you might have, ASK IT!  A tester does not go into the business to FAIL STUDENTS just for laughs. . . That is wrong and if a tester is doing that?  Trust me, they won’t be testing for long.

There are so many things that go on within that small time during the test that you are required to know. As a tester, we must be general about what is on the test when explaining the run-through. I know most of you right now are saying, “that’s dumb, you should be able to tell us!”.  The main reason why were not allowed to teach you exactly, is because it would be considered cheating.  We are the “testers” and not the “teachers”. We can’t teach you and then test you.  That’s why there is Driver Education, so get as much out of that as possible.

If however,  you ask us an exact question regarding a maneuver, what we’re looking for (specifically), etc. we are allowed to answer in full detail. Third-Party Testers and DLD Testers are trained to conduct the test in the exact same manner, so whether you go to the DLD or a Third-Party, you will get the same result.  There are 3 absolute things that can change the Ultimate Outcome of your test.  Here they are:

  • PRACTICE THE RIGHT WAY – What good is learning something if you don’t put it into practice!? Even worse! You practice it the WRONG WAY! I had a teacher who told me something very important and I’ve carried it throughout my life,

“Practice doesn’t make perfect… If you practice anything sloppy, that’s what you will get. . . sloppy. Practice makes PERMANENT good or bad. Practice and practice it right.” – Mr. Beck

If you DON’T practice or practice the right way, it will show and a Tester will know which is bad for you (you can’t tell me that you didn’t know and play dumb).  If you practice it wrong, your outcome will be the same as if you didn’t practice at all, So make sure you practice. . . and practice it right!

Driving for years doesn't mean you're good.

  • COCKY v.s. CONFIDENT – As a tester we understand that being nervous is part of taking a step to getting your license, so we do our best to help you stay calm, confident and focused. Confidence comes from practice and “practice makes permanent”. The problem we do get from people is the “cocky” attitude.  When you decide to put your head in the clouds (being cocky) and think passing is an entitlement, you tend to (1) forget that this is a test (2) let your guard down and forget the important habits and; (3) show off like you’re the best when you’re not, which makes your grading naturally harder. Being confident is an important aspect that will help you succeed in passing your test, being cocky will. . . well, I’ll put it this way, “You get what you give”.
  • ASK QUESTIONS – You can never go wrong with asking questions.  Remember that driving instructors are here to help you become a safe & defensive driver by teaching you the steps to passing your road test. As a Tester, we’re here to see if you’re ready to legally become a safe & defensive driver with the rest of us, by testing your skills that you’ve learned & practiced that most of us do naturally. From a tester’s point of view, let me help you with a few questions to ask:

“Of all the students you’ve tested, what was the biggest thing people failed on?”

“How exactly do you do a _______ Correctly?”

“When should I do head-checks?” (checking over your shoulder for your blind-spot)

“What Exactly will I be tested on?”

“What are some things that will fail me so I know what to watch for?”

“What’s the main things you look for during the test?”

These are only a few questions, but most importantly, a Tester is able to answer them in full detail. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, WE ARE HERE TO HELP! I don’t like to fail students, but when you don’t put your effort into it (showing that you don’t care for safety), that’s exactly what your end result will be. Why should you get something you didn’t work hard for like everyone else?

For anyone who is getting ready to take the step forward to getting your license, do your best and work hard, practice, be confident, and ask questions. I will personally GUARANTEEE that if you do these 3 things, you will get the result that you worked for.

Dennis Gali-

Certified 3rd-Party Tester

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