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Friday, May 7th, 2010



  • State Road Test
  • Private Drive

State Road Test or Driving Test requirement by law as the “final stage” to obtaining your drivers license. You’ll be tested on your ability to drive in a safe & satisfactory consistent manner successfully, among other drivers on Utah’s roads.

Private Drives (also considered as ‘reviews’ or ‘specials’) are additional driving hours with a driving instructor. If you have been requested to do private drives, you’re no longer eligible for 3rd-party road testing and MUST go back to the division to take your driving test.

Note: Private Drives are not the same as the Drives/Observations or Roading for Driver’s Education. You must attend a certified Driver’s Ed School to complete your Driving/Observations portion of driver’s ed.

You might be requested to do private drives if you: got in an accident, failed to many tests at the DLD, were asked by law enforcement or a doctor/physician due to infractions, health or other reasons.  Private drives are also available if you just want a “refresher course” before you take your test at the DLD.

Note: If you participate in our private drives as a “refresher course”, you will no longer be allowed to take the test with us.

(actual “driver license” obtained at Driver License Division only.)

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  • Monday-Friday: 2pm-5pm (we can be flexible)
  • Saturday: set for private drives
  • (1st call, 1st serve)

Same Day Scheduling is available.

If you have a time you would like to test or do the additional driving hours, please ask us and we will do our best to fit your schedule.



  • $35.00State Road Test (driver license test)
  • $140.00Private Drive (1 Hour Session — Start/End Destination at our location)
Note: the Private Drives do not count towards driver education drives/observations. They are for those who have tested at the DLD and have failed too many times and must complete 4 hrs of driving with an instructor.

Payable by Cash or Credit Card. We do not accept checks.

We know other places will make you pay more to cover their expenses (marketing, advertising, websites, etc).  Here at 3 Brothers Testing School, we don’t make you pay for our luxury.  We own our website, equipment & advertising at no cost to you! You are here for a Driver License Test and that’s the only thing you pay for! How Great is That!

Our rate is currently the LOWEST IN THE STATE OF UTAH! We understand that YOU are the client and we do our best to make sure you’re treated as such. WE’RE HERE TO SERVE YOU! Help us keep our price the lowest in Utah by referring us to your friends!

Note: A $10 fee will be charged to make a duplicate test envelope if you have lost your original or if it has been voided due to being mishandled.  (Please take care of it)



The following will be needed in order for the Test/Private Drive to be conducted:

  1. Valid Learner Permit or Valid Temporary Driver License from another state or country. (valid: meaning DLD has approved of the document)
  2. Vehicle with Proof of Insurance & Vehicle Registration (vehicle provided by student)

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